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Which insurances is best

which insurances is best, Drivers are required by law to have auto insurance and insurance companies must at least help cover damage in the event of an accident. With so many auto insurance companies on the market, potential customers have a lot to consider when making this decision. In the market are ten major auto insurance companies achieving a high level of score in many expert lists, offering a variety of coverages, keeping costs lower than many competitors and offering quality services.

Progressive Insurance

The company Progressive Insurance was founded in 1937 and remains one of the best valued companies as an insurance provider. With Progressive, new customers can get an online quote for their cars, motorcycles, jet skis, boats and recreational vehicles, totally free.


Esurance is regularly on the list of major online insurance companies, on websites such as KnowAutoInsurance and «The Best Online List»The Top Online List«). According to KnowAutoInsurance, Esurance has a wide range of insurance options and a simple way for customers to file their claims.


GEICO Direct, the Government Employees Insurance Company, has been a competitor in auto insurance since 1936 and has a huge customer base. According to the company’s website, GEICO Directo was the first to forgo the use of intermediaries and offer direct insurance to consumers.


GMAC Insurance since 1950 has provided vehicle insurance coverage. It is the insurance company that offers insurance options to individuals, distributors and other businesses.


According to the KnowAutoInsurance website, Infinity Insurance is an ideal choice for customers with an irregular driving history as they are willing to offer coverage to a wider variety of customers. While Infinity assures people who have no spots on their history, they also offer insurance to those who have been in accidents or who have committed traffic violations.

Unitrin Specialty

Unitrin Specialty, has a growth of its customer base and has been among the top ten auto insurance providers in the country, according to The Best Online List. Unitrin Specialty offers automatic coverage through independent insurance agents who are the best rated by A.M. Best, a company that evaluates the insurance industry.

Western United

According to Western United Insurance’s website, this company insures more than 150,000 drivers. Western United’s official website also states that the company was created in response to the high demand for affordable car coverage.

Comparison Market

The ComparisonMarket website offers consumers the ability to compare policy and competitor options. According to the KnowAutoInsurance website, ComparisonMarket is one of The Top 10 Independent Car Insurance Providers in North America.

Bristol West

Bristol West Insurance Group began offering insurance coverage in Florida in 1973 and has since expanded nationwide. Bristol West is the only company that allows customers to modify their policies as their needs change.


Established in 1994, Access Insurance Company is one of the newest additions to the top ten auto insurance providers. Access Insurance Company allows customers to submit their application at any time of the day and payment methods can be changed to fit the customer’s budget.


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