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What is the best travel insurance of 2020?

What is the best travel insurance of 2020? This is one of the consultations that we are most moving this year, especially now that fortunately, travelers are much more aware of the need to take out good travel insurance whatever our destination.

In our case, after a long time traveling, currently for several months a year, on several occasions we have needed to use international health insurance and we assure you, that it has saved us and above all supported us, at the worst time when a traveler you can find: when you get sick.

In all this trajectory we have used some of the different options that exist, but for several years now, we travel with Mondo and assure you that after the experience and many comparisons, this is the best option on the market.

With all this in mind, we tell you the reasons why we have made this choice, the comparison with other insurance, prices and above all, what Mondo covers, the best travel insurance of 2020.

Recommendations for taking out the best travel insurance

In this section we explain what the details are and some recommendations so that the choice of travel insurance and the contracting process, are as easy as possible and above all, perfectly adapt to your needs.

Company Choice: This is probably one of the most important points, because depending on the company you choose, this will be your travel health insurance.

Coverages: This is another key point when taking out travel insurance. Depending on those included, you will have more or less assistance or even, greater or lesser deficiencies. In this case, with Mondo you make sure you have extensive sanitary coverage and incredibly professional customer service, two things for us, it becomes the best travel insurance of 2020.

Do I have to advance money?: Something as basic as this can become one of the most important reasons when deciding to take out travel insurance or another.

With Mondo you should never advance money in case you need assistance, you only have to call them and they will take care of everything, without having to pay a single euro.

Contact and attendance details: One of the most important things, even if it sounds silly, is to count from the first moment with all the contact information and assistance of travel insurance. With Mondo, all this data will be very clear and transparent when you hire the policy, so that you have no doubt in case you need them.

In addition, you will be able to download an innovative application, which we will talk about later, which is a revolution in the world of travel insurance, with which you will have everything you can need in one click. And call them for free from anywhere in the world!.

Language: It is very important to have assistance in your language, especially if you do not master English. With Mondo, you will always have assistance in your language or an interpreter if necessary.

Ease of hiring: Having all the data in a clear and transparent way, both at the time of review and at the time of hiring insurance to travel, is incredibly important. Mondo will show them to you like this from the first moment.

Insurance Amount: Although we know that health is priceless, we understand that this is an important factor for all travelers and that is why we always try to recommend cheap travel insurance but also includes the best coverages on the market.

In our case, after many comparisons and taking into account all the above, we always travel with Mondo, with whom we are sure that we travel in the best hands.

What does the best travel insurance of 2020 cover?

Medical and health care

Trips to the place you travel, as we said above, it is very important that you make it insured and, if possible, with the best travel insurance. Although there are countries where healthcare is more «economic», any doctor’s visit can become a horror if you don’t know where to go or you’re not sure which is the best doctor or hospital.

If we add to that the economic factor if you travel to a country like Japan or the United States, where the price of healthcare is no nonsense, being able to cost you a hospital night up to 6000 euros and an appendicitis up to 25000 euros, it is more than justified to hire for example, the best travel insurance for New York.

With Mondo you will have an initial coverage of 100,000 euros, a much higher amount than is usually found in the market and that is a perfect option, in addition to highly recommended, if you travel to countries where the costs of health is very high as the United States , Japan or Canada.

In addition to this amount, whatever your destination, you have a coverage of 1000 euros for 10 days (100 euros per day) for convalescence in the hotel and 250 euros for dental expenses.

And just because you’re a reader of Street Travelers, you have a 5% discount on your policy, plus 15% if you take out family or group insurance.

Theft/property damage to your luggage

Although we often don’t pay too much attention to our luggage, Mondo does remember it and also includes it in its travel insurance policy.

With them you have 600 euros expandable to 3,000 euros, with which to cover damage and / or material losses, whether of luggage or personal effects in case of theft.

You can also hire additional coverage for your entire team, in the COMPUTER MATERIAL section, which we will talk about later.

Travel cancellation costs (optional guarantee)

With a coverage of 500 euros, expandable to 6,000 euros, Mondo reimburses you for the expenses of your trip, in case you can not enjoy it for up to 30 reasons, including medical, labor, legal or extraordinary causes.

The following cases are covered by example:

Death, hospitalization, illness or serious accident of the traveler or a family member.
Dismissal of employment, incorporation into a new position or forced transfer.
Summons as a party or witness in a court or for a polling station; subpoena for
divorce or filing for examinations of official oppositions.

Complications with pregnancy, delivery of a child for adoption or cancellation of wedding ceremony.

Imposition of traffic penalties or withdrawal of the driver’s license.
Cancellation by the companion.

In addition with Mondo, you also have the option to take out this travel cancellation insurance, even when more than 7 days have passed from the booking of the trip to the contracting of the insurance. Something super important and that currently only offers Mondo.

Unlimited capital

We know that there are situations that we do not like to talk about or even think about, but when we talk about travel insurance, there are certain issues that we must be very clear about, especially when it comes to hiring it. These are the cases where insurance needs to have unlimited capital coverage.

With Mondo, for us the best travel insurance of 2020, the most important situations in which unlimited capital is necessary, are covered in its entirety:

  • Repatriation or health transport of the injured and sick.
  • Repatriation or transport of other insured persons.
  • Repatriation or transport of minors or persons with disabilities.
  • Displacement of a family member in case of hospitalization or death.
  • Displacement of a family member for the accompaniment of minors or with disabilities.
  • Repatriation or transportation of deceased insured person.
  • Early return from hospitalization or death of a family member.
  • Early return due to serious accident stake at home or at the insured’s professional premises.

Search, location and shipping of lost luggage.
Shipping of medicines abroad.

Other coverages

Although with Mondo you have already seen that the main coverages you may need as a traveler are covered, they still include more things, which also influence it to have become a great travel insurance.


50,000 euros to cover expenses or compensation in case you cause damage to third parties.

Defense and Claim

3,000 euros for claiming damages and contracts for purchase and services abroad.

Accident Compensation

EUR 15.0000 in the event of death or invalidity.
EUR 50,0000 in the event of death or disability by means of public transport.


Up to 300 euros on departure and/or arrival of the means of transport, extension of must-travel and/ or loss of links.

Changing services

Up to EUR 180 per departure of an unplanned flight, departure of an unintended alternative means of transport, for changing hotels or apartments and/or use of alternative transport for loss of links from the means of transport.

Up to EUR 150 for loss of means of transport by accident ‘in itinere’.

Other coverages

  • Up to 3,000 euros as a refund of holidays not enjoyed.
  • Up to 3,000 euros as an advance of monetary funds abroad.
  • 3,000 euros per ransom of people.
  • 3, 000 euros for kidnapping costs.
  • 120 euros for shipping forgotten or stolen items during the trip.
  • 200 euros for management fees for the loss or theft of documents.
  • 120 euros for loss of keys to the usual home.
  • 250 euros for opening and repairing chests and safe deposit boxes.

Exclusive and free medical teleconsultation service on the road

This exclusive service of Mondo, which is currently implemented in its exclusive mobile application, offers its customers the option to be able to make any type of medical consultation, with a medical team collegiate in Spain, either referring to medical advice, nutritional, medicines and vaccines… etc, through a WhatsApp service or through a phone call.

This service will be available 24h/365 days a year and is another of the great reasons why Mondo is the best travel insurance.

Extra services

And last but not least, Mondo, the best travel insurance, also includes:

  • Transmission of urgent messages.
  • Interpreter service.
  • Information service.
  • Legal information abroad.
  • Card cancellation.
  • EXTRA coverage strips of the best travel insurance

We also know that it is often important to adapt things to your needs or tastes. In this case Mondo also considers it so, so it offers you the following special coverages that you can add to your policy and thus customize it to the maximum:

Additional coverage for adventure sports, which includes assistance over 3000 meters high, something very important in destinations such as Peru, where if you visit for example Lake Titicaca, you will be over that height, in which most insurance does not cover or Tibet, where you will be about 3000 meters in all places, so this coverage is totally necessary to travel safely.

Extension of coverage to computer equipment.

Cruise coverage.

Extensions to take out the best travel insurance, in addition to the most comprehensive
If you already have selected the essential coverages that we have mentioned above and that are the most important, with Mondo you can also continue to expand the coverages, so that your policy is the most appropriate to your needs and in the end, it is totally personalized, something very important and more in a travel insurance.

Computer Equipment Insurance:

With this extension of policy you will have insured all the computer equipment that you carry on your trip, something very important to travel safely you, rest assured with those material things that have a lot of value.

Coverage includes: damage for theft, total or partial loss due to the carrier or damage as a result of fire or aggression but always up to a maximum of 50% of the sum insured on all baggage.

Cancellation Insurance (Coverage up to 2,000, 3,000 or 4,000 euros)
Up to 21 cases are medical, work, legal… for which in case of cancellation of the trip you will have the reimbursement of all expenses.

Please note that by the time we said above you can hire it even after more than 7 days from the booking of the trip to the contracting of the insurance.

Cruise Travel

  • Special coverage for this type of trip.
  • Adventure Sports

Essential and ideal coverage if on your trip you are going to practice some adventure sport or you are going to travel above 3000 meters, height at which insurance no longer covers, so this additional coverage becomes essential if you want to travel safely.

Different Mondo insurance

With Mondo you can also find different travel insurance modes, in which you can also choose different options, Tranquility, Top, Premium or Only Assistance, depending on your needs.

Annual travel insurance or frequent flyer insurance

If you travel several times a year, it is highly recommended to contract this annual multi-trip insurance, with which you can travel as many times as you want in a year, but always for a maximum of 120 days each time.

We leave you the post «Annual Travel Insurance or Frequent Flyer Insurance» in which we talk in detail about this insurance and its coverages.

Long Stay Insurance

Unlike annual multi-trip insurance, this insurance will allow you to be covered during a long-stay trip, without having to return to your country.
It is perfect for situations such as volunteers or ERASMUS and also has completely flexible renovations, something mondo is pioneering.

You can see all the features and hire it here.

Insurance Travel Cancellation

One of the main fears when planning a trip is that if anything happens, will they give you back the money?

For these cases, it is advisable to take out cancellation insurance, with which you will be reimbursed for the expenses in case you have to cancel your trip.

We leave you the post «Travel Cancellation Insurance» in which we talk in detail about this insurance and its coverages.

What is the best travel insurance?

After all the data that we have told you and above all, after our experience traveling for more than 15 years, currently for several months in a row, we can safely say that Mondo is the best travel insurance of 2020, taking into account above all, its coverages and customer service that represent the most appropriate value for money option that any traveler can look for and need.


We leave you a comparison of Mondo with the main travel insurance, so you can check in a clear way, why Mondo is for us the best travel insurance 2020.


  • Price of 7 days 25.13 x 24.32 s 33.35
  • Price of 14 days 43.38 s 42.82 s 52.38
  • Price of 21 days 55.31 x 50.21 s 63.48
  • Medical expenses 100,000 x 50,000 s 200,000
  • Theft and damage to luggage 900 x 500 x 1200
  • Repatriation and Early Return Unlimited 1,000,000
  • Delays in the means of transport 200 x 0 x 150
  • Civil liability 50,000 s 60,000 s 50,000

As you can see, Mondo is the best travel insurance value for money, as it has a coverage of 100,000 euros, for us the minimum amount to travel quiet, and the price more price. Don’t forget that in some countries appendicitis can cost 60,000 euros.

In addition to this, Mondo includes online medical consultations and a mobile application from which you can manage any incident and even call your insurance for free if you need assistance.

Remember that in addition to the 5% discount for being a reader of Street Travelers, for families and groups you have an additional 15% discount.

Mondo insurance prices

And as we said at the beginning of the article, although we believe that with money is not played in health and safety issues, you will surely be wondering what is the price of the best travel insurance that you are recommending to me? Get ready to surprise yourself!
We leave you examples of the different insurance options of Mondo, so you can see the prices in a clearer way.

Travel Tranquility: 25.12 euros per person with 5% discount already applied for being a reader of Street Travellers already applied, for a week-long trip outside Europe, such as New York. Ideal for those looking to travel peacefully, albeit with basic coverage.

TOP Trip (most recommended option): Only 31.24 euros per person with 5% discount already applied for being a reader of Street Travellers already applied, for a week-long trip outside Europe, such as New York. Unbelievable, don’t you think?.

PREMIUM Trip (perfect for discerning travellers): Only 46.42 euros per person with 5% discount already applied for being a reader of Street Travellers already applied, for a week-long trip outside Europe, with the maximum coverage of 500,000 euros.

And in all cases, if your trip is longer, don’t worry, the longer the trip lasts the lower the cost per additional day.

In addition, as we said before, if you want to personalize your travel insurance even more, you can insure computer equipment or take out cancellation insurance, even after 7 days of booking your trip.

And remember, just because you are a reader of Street Travelers, you have a 5% discount with Mondo, to take out the best travel insurance, in addition to 15% if you take out family or group insurance.

Mondo app

Since 2020, Mondo is the only travel insurance company that has a mobile app from which you can manage any problems or doubts you have that refers to your travel insurance.

You will be able to call all year round, free of charge, via wifi or a mobile network in case you need assistance and manage the WhatsApp service, which we talked about earlier, in addition to checking all the data of your travel insurance policy.

Even, from the application itself, you can manage any incident related to flight delays, cancellations… etc. in addition to checking the status of the incident to be 24 hours a day informed.

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