What is health insurance?


Health insurance: can be taken to cover the death of the beneficiary or to gain the profitability of the money.
There are two types of life insurance: life savings and risky

Health insurance is the provider of disability and death protection of more than 30 million Spaniards. One third of them are hired individually, the remainder is the group insurance, which is taken up by their company or for several members of the same family core.

When assuming life insurance, as well as withdrawing another insurance, it is important to have clear questions, such as life insurance is, what types there are, what they cover, which hires you, and where.

 health insurance

The policy of life is part of the human insurance and consists in paying a pre-mandate to receive an amount in case of death or nonsense that complements the lack of income of the insured.

The amount of the premium on which the insured is based depends on the risk and the amount of money he or she wishes to receive in the event of a disability or that its beneficiaries perceive in the event of death.

Health Insurance Modalities

There are two main ways of life insurance that cover in the event of death and those who do it in life. In addition, the Union of the two is joint insurance.

Death insurance, also known as life insurance.
Health insurance, called Savings life Insurance.
In addition, it is possible to take investment risks by varying the amount to obtain fluctuations in the financial markets or by not taking risks and benefiting from a fixed profitability.


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