What brand of travel insurance should I hire? About companies, promos and discounts…

Travel Insurances01
Travel Insurances01

Travel Insurances: As we continue to start, our travel insurance situation has varied depending on the time and destination. There are hundreds of companies that offer help to the traveler, so we know how hard it is to decide, but here we recommend three options, each with its pros and cons.

Latin aid

We had for two years of travel and had to use it in Japan, Italy and Armenia.

Best of all, it’s the cheapest company, so if you’re on a budget backpacker, maybe that’s what you’re looking for. The insurance “Sport ” is ideal if you plan to surf, dive or things that are considered “adventurous “.

Worst thing: If you are not in a big city, you need to cover your doctor’s costs and then they send you money to Western Union.

How to get the best price: Latino help is the “Secure your trip ” insurer, if rapids-C’est always the lowest price they offer. On its website (aseguratuviaje.com) you can cite from your destination and the duration of the trip and you will see all the options of the different companies; Would come to do as the insurance Skyscanner. Remember to look at the actions that appear on the right side of the quote, because often there are good discounts.

Med Help

This was the first insurance we took when we started our trip to New Zealand in 2009. We had to use it in India.

Best of all, the coverage limits tend to be quite high considering the price.

Worst of all: if not in promos, usually the price difference is not justified. Read the fine print to see everything you’ve recorded, and a little more frugal than another before you decide.

How to get the best price: in aseguratuviaje.com usually take promos. Look at the posters on the right side of the quotation to see which ones are now in effect.

Insurance Iati

We still didn’t use it for the reason we detailed it below, but we decided to put it on the list providing all the good reviews we received from other travelers.

Best of all, you are a great value for money. Although it is slightly more expensive than the previous ones, the services that give you back are also bigger and you will never pay for the medical advice of the bag on how to spend with other companies. It’s also great that they’ve added the “Backpacker ” and “great travelers ” option, which may be what you’re looking for when you highlight the Polo to find information to prepare for your long trip.

Worst thing: If your trip doesn’t end or starts in Spain, there are different types of insurance that you can only rent if your trip takes up to 120 days. If not, the basic, Standard, star, Premium, and family options have no restrictions.

How to get the best price: on the website of Iati Seguros (iatiseguros.com), all the detailed options and promotions are in effect. You also have a 5% discount on all travel insurance companies via this link.


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