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What are health insurance preexistences?

health insurance: Find out what they are and what it is, when it exists and what to do if you have a pre-existing disease or pathology before stopping health insurance.

Before taking health insurance, it is important not only to consider the characteristics and covers of the health insurer that interests us, but also to keep in mind other issues and related items that, though that very Important in most crises often go unnoticed.
This applies, for example, to the so-called absenteeism, which consists of a certain amount of time during which the insured person is not entitled to certain benefits of the insurance company. So that the patient can begin to use the insurance with absolute normality after the expiration of this period. This period usually varies from 3 months for simple diagnostic tests to 12 months, although it is possible to have access to simple tests and expert advice practically since the policy takes effect.

Another issue to consider is the existence of pre-existing conditions, which take Medicare into account when taking health insurance for the new customer.

What are the health insurances funds?

As the name implies, the precursor services are the pathologies or illnesses that the person presents before the day the health insurance company is hired.

In other words, it is about any pathology, illness or condition of health that the person already knows who suffers and who has therefore been diagnosed medically even before the cessation of the health insurances.

When there is a pre-existence?

Most health insurances companies include the following medical conditions:

That the disease or pathology has been diagnosed by a specialist.
That this disease had already incurred the costs.
That he could not go unnoticed because of his different symptoms or symptoms.We must take into account the last of the points, because we are faced with a very controversial issue.