Travel Insurance: Myths and truths

Travel Insurance Myths and truths
Travel Insurance Myths and truths

Is travel insurance necessary?

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If you start planning a trip, you are sure to have hundreds of questions on your mind. How do I start to program the Itinarario? What if they don’t understand me when I talk to them? How many clothes do I take? Will it be safe? What month of the year should I go? Will a cannibal crest attack me? Are you going to remount my organs? And much, much more.

Something that is safe around your mind… do I have to rent travel insurance, those who are so expensive and who use a lot of my budget? Let’s go for the parties…

What is Travel insurance?

You can get the attention you start here, but there are a lot of people who confuse travel insurance with a kind of “social work ” travelers. It’s not. Travel insurance, also known as a tour guide, is a service that covers emergencies that may occur during the trip.

What will you cover?

According to the plan, basically the things that will cover the insurance are:

  • Medical assistance in case of accident or illness.
  • Prescribe medications due to these emergencies.
    “Emergency assistance.
  • Psychological help (ie, you are in another country, have flown, go into shock and do not know how to follow… you need).
    Serial repatriation or funeral.
  • Financial compensation for loss or theft of baggage.

What’s not going to cover for you?

When we say that we must not confuse the assistance of the traveller with social work, it is an emergency service. If you are on a long trip and want to get the general check, it will not cover you. Not if you want to see the dentist.

If you think that extreme sports or go to countries that think high-risk makes sense (and tell you what, but usually are the usual), chances are you are not insured unless you consult when booking your insurance and pay a surcharge.

Now the key question: Do you have to rent it?

The decision to travel with travel insurance is in every person aware of the risks and Aceptándolos. Depends on the purpose and how much money you put in in Asia, for example, medical care is quite affordable, but if you have something more serious and you need to visit a private clinic because you have got a public hospital ride for three months, you are paying Very expensive and you will remember when planning your trip.

Within five and a half years of travel, nothing terribly serious happened to us. Different waves of travel and some hives on the skin. The worst is when Dani has something in his eyes to visit the Philippines and could not see for nearly two weeks. We just don’t have insurance (always the same, we had the certainty of most of the trip, and Juuusto will happen if they don’t have it). To give you an idea of the cost, two nights of hospitalization at the public hospital, as well as medications and medical care, cost $53. (The story of the wounded eye on the rice terraces is worth an eye of the face)

If we need to give you an opinion, yes, you may want to hire a travel insurance. Along the way we met several cases where they were caught in dengue or malaria and had to be under medical care for several days.


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