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Of course, ask yourself now this right “Are there really any states with the cheapest car insurance? ” Well, believe it or not, the answer is yes. And this is due to various factors, which we will then tell you in detail!

Cheap car Insurance: The 5 states with the lowest cost in the United States

Car insurance companies often take various factors into account when fixing prices for car insurance. Most important are usually the driving history, the age of the driver and the years of experience behind the steering wheel, the type of vehicle among others. However, there are other factors related to the geographical area that also affect costs, including: annual crime rates, shock rates or insurance claims, probabilities of natural disasters, among others.

In the light of the foregoing, a recognized company specializing in theft or accident claims has been commissioned with the listing of the five States which, in their sole discretion, have the lowest rates in car insurance. Here we go! Iowa. According to this study, the state of the region in the Midwest of the country has an attractive annual average of $1.12, thanks to the fact that the state has no densely populated cities and a low accident rate.

North Carolina. This great state, home to the first British colony in America, has an average annual cost of $1.36.

Ohio. According to the study, this large state, which is located in the Middle West region of the country, has a negligible annual average of $1.37. The secret of its low prices is in the opinion of the experts in the wide range of the car insurance market to meet the needs of its population.

New Hampshire. The annual average of a car insurance is about $1.379, a price that is certainly very attractive for many drivers throughout the country.

Maine. With an annual average of $1.40 this is the last state of this exclusive list. Some reasons why the geeks shuffle are their low population density and low crime rate and accidents this great year of the state.

You know that! If you are a driver of one of these states, we would like to know your opinions and experiences leave us a comment at the end of this article! And if you are looking for the cheapest car insurance nationwide, you can find our help with the highway insurance, which has many offers for you! Here you can find more information.

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