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Home Insurances
Home Insurances

Home Insurance Multirisk

Home Insurance: is insurance, in which the owner or owner of a home (or in other varieties, of commercial premises) seeks to cover the risks he suffers, damages of various kinds:

derivatives of electric shorts, rupture of tubes, Various faults, domestic accidents, caused by temporary, theft, etc.

Home Insurance in this area often offers packages that include other insurance policies that are more or less directly related to household or family life, such as civil liability insurance, travel insurance, assistance. Legal insurance, etc.

The multi-risk insurance of the respective dwelling with a different community insurance, which covers similar risks, but usually coexists in the condominium as regards the common elements of the building.

In Spain, home insurance is not mandatory, contrary to what happens for car insurance.

One of the most important aspects to keep in mind if you want to make sure that a home is the concept of underinsurance.

The underinsurance occurs when the value of the insured capital is lower than the value of the insured object’s revision.

We see it better with an example:

Consider a house with an insured salary of 30,000 euros. If there is a robbery and the value of the kidnapping is 5000 euros.


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