Health insurance has an ever-increasing private health care

Health insurances
Health insurances

Health insurances have an ever-increasing private health care: Private health is developing in Spain, which is not only beneficial for Health insurances.

The difficulties of the National Health System (SNS) in curbing the growth of health spending in recent years, due to factors such as the progressive ageing of the population, the increasing prevalence and complexity of diseases chronic diseases and The cost of new media makes private health a strategic ally of the public system.

It is seen in the Institute for Health Development and Integration (IDIS), which recently released the report “Private health, values to provide”, which contribute to the private health ability to maintain a health system defenses convenient, Durable and qualitative for all.

According to this study, private health spending in Spain increased by 4.6 percent from 2010. Above all, it rose from 25.875 EUR to 27,064,000,000. In the Spanish health care system, private health already accounts for 28.3% of total health expenditure. This proportion is one of the highest in Europe and is above other countries in our environment, such as Germany (23.29%) or the UK (16.03.3%). If the amount of business expenditure is added to this figure, the total expenditure of the sector amounts to 34.7 billion, 3.38% of GDP.

More insurance and more savings

According to this report, the private health system already has 7.3 million people insured, which contributes significantly to the savings made in the public system. In this regard, it is estimated that the savings generated in 2014 by health insurance would be between 4.079 billion euros if the citizen has made a mixed use of health, consumption of public and private resources, and 8 862 billion euros if the patient uses only the system Private.

This is data to be considered, especially since in recent years the share of global health expenditure in GDP has progressed through factors such as reducing health spending and saving and reducing drug purchases. In health care compensation.

What is more?

is an industry that creates jobs and has created 6 000 new jobs in the 2014, a figure that means a 3% increase per annum. Of the 236 567 professionals employed in all activities in the sector, 65% working in the supplementary hospital sector and the remaining 35% in the hospital area of Madrid, Catalonia and Andalusia, the municipalities with most health professionals.


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