Car insurance: What to do if I have stolen the car

Car Insurance
Car Insurance

Car insurance: The first thing you have to do is report the facts to the police, and then contact your car insurance and send a copy of the complaint made to open part.

In Spain, there is a theft of the car every three and a half minutes, which means an average of 425 vehicles a day, or what is the same, a total of about 155 000 cars stolen per year in our country. These figures are gathered in a study of the detective company, according to which Spain is the third European country in which more car thefts occur, only behind Italy and the United Kingdom, with nearly 20% of car thefts of The whole of Europe.

The provinces where the cars were stolen the most in the year 2017 were Madrid (34%), Barcelona, Seville (8%) and Malaga (7%). As regards the place where these crimes are committed, 90% of the abductions are carried out in public parking spaces, on the street itself and 7% by the refuelling and parking of the vehicle to take daily precautions. 3% of the flights were carried out by the use of violence or intimidation. Also the middle class cars, as in 2016, are still the most stolen in Spain. According to the models the rank of seat León (19 per cent), seat Ibiza (15 per cent) and Volkswagen Golf (7 per cent) is quoted. It is also interesting to note that old family models and pick-ups are stolen to perform lunar landings and then leave them.

Summer and vacation areas seem to be places where more vehicle thefts are likely to occur, but it can happen to the most unusual and perhaps busiest place. So, if this happens to you when you apply for insurance compensation, you will need to follow a series of steps that you remember from Arval. The first thing you need to do is to process a complaint before you contact the central alarm receiver, which initiates a protocol to locate the car. If you do not have a locator, go to the nearest police station to report the situation to the police, contact your insurer and send a copy of the complaint to the Open party.

So ask about the coverage of the insurance policy.

If the car was not found after 30 calendar days, it is declared as “official” has disappeared and procedures can be initiated to obtain the appropriate compensation.

After this period, with proof of payment of the last municipal traffic tax, proof of the temporary depth of the car, the report of the owners who had the car, original complaint, owner ID and key goes to the insurance offices . For all the documents, the experts will make an assessment to proceed with the compensation.

Remember that if you disagree with the amount set, you can ask to go to the defender of the insured, a free service from the Directorate General Insurance and pension funds, to make the complaint expose. Finally, when you return the car, you must return to the police station to submit a counter claim, submit it to the insurer and close the file.

Tips to get your car not stolen

Out of course, we detail ten tips to try to avoid having to steal the car:

-Park in supervised places.

-Always close the car and keep the keys.

-Do not let the “real” papers in the car, and it is that it is legal to circulate with copies of all documents as long as they are properly collected by a notary or by an official body such as traffic.

-Always travel with closed doors.

-Ignore “People who tell us “: A very typical trick to call them with a “you have a flat wheel” so that while we distract the look of someone is helpless.

-Pay attention to our environment when we load and unload our vehicle in the parking spaces, supermarkets, shopping malls…

-Do not leave anything in sight.

-Mount the anti-theft screws on the wheels.

-Write the moons of the car.

-Install a GPS locator.


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