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Car insurance is part of the annual fixed costs associated with owning a vehicle. This is a mandatory product, although the truth is that mandatory minimum shells are not too much. Driving without car insurance is a cause of sanction, and even if we do not have insurance and we suffer a collision, we hit someone or our builders are on fire, we are avian, right?

Before renting a car insurance policy, it is better to compare the safer, the better. With this first effort, we get two things: be updated on the offers and safety of individual insurance companies, and also to find the insurance that best meets our needs. Then we see the seven keys to choose a good car insurance.

What are the covers I need

It is important to know what we want to assume. Apart from compulsory covers, which are usually mandatory liability insurance, driver insurance, legal adviser and moons, there is a series of options when it comes to the signature of the shells, which cover the total price to increase The insurance. Depending on our needs and the perception of risk, we can sign coverage for flight or fire, travel help, replacement vehicle, withdrawal of license or an entire risk.

If we do not live in an area of conflict and we are not irresponsible at the wheel, then of course there are blankets that we can avoid and therefore less insurances. It is already a decision of all, but it is advisable to study them well.

To third parties or to all risks?

Some say that if a car is new (for the first three years, for example, to buy the car), it is better to rent a full risk, then insurance to third parties. This applies if within the period of the first three years «We take advantage of» insurance at all risks. In a certain sense, we probably have a clause whereby, in the event of a total loss, we recover much of the value of the car. From the third to the fifth year, this value will be significantly lower.

In any case, it must be said that the small draw of the insurance all risks is also sympathetic, and we must look very scrupulously at the exact coverage of the total risk, which can be simply a third «with steroids. «In most cases, third party insurance is more than enough and also substantially cheaper.

Franchising or franchising?

Full-Risk insurance with deductible is cheaper than one without deductible, only in case of repair we pay in part or all. That compensates (and so it looks pretty bad) when we suffer a total sacrifice and get a nice high value from the car. Obviously, no one wants to have a strange, so in many cases we return to the first: better a third and caution when driving to pay more money for a possible accident that no one wants.

The driver profile

If we are young riders, under 25 years old, we have a bonus when we pay the prizes, simply because of the accident of the pilots of this old band. That said, the stats here don’t make them pay for sinners, but insurance companies are interested in stats. Once solvency II has effect, these statistical limitations may be more harmless to the driver.

The annual mileage

If we’re only doing a few miles a year, we’ll have more votes to get a low prize than someone who makes a lot of miles a year. Once again, statistics and probabilities come into play and say: A number greater than miles a year, the more likely there is a mishap. This is very unfair depending on the driver, since it can be said that the greatest number of miles a year, the greater preparation of the driver and that the few kilometers are more likely to cause an accident. In fact, only the probability serves here and it’s a shame.

With substitute vehicle or not

You rely on the car to drive to work? Are you a Pro Flyer? You may need a replacement vehicle, or just make up for it to pay extra to avoid the unavailability of your car. That said, there are people who don’t have a car in a day, they can pay very expensive, more expensive than the extra cover of the replacement car. You have to imagine one thing, if the supplement is worth it with a single glitch that can leave you lying 24 hours, then you compensate. If you can live without him, don’t put that blanket.

Driving the public road?

Sometimes it’s good to have fun… well covered
Are you a «do a little Strube» lover with your SUV? Look at your insurance property to see if it covers these trips from Sunday Camps (I don’t like calling them domingues), and if it’s not really for both and I don’t think the car around put your insurance on. Yes, you should know that if you go without cover and put your car in a hole in the middle of nowhere, it cost a high.