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What are health insurance preexistences?

Health Insurances
Health Insurances

health insurance: Find out what they are and what it is, when it exists and what to do if you have a pre-existing disease or pathology before stopping health insurance.

Before taking health insurance, it is important not only to consider the characteristics and covers of the health insurer that interests us, but also to keep in mind other issues and related items that, though that very Important in most crises often go unnoticed.
This applies, for example, to the so-called absenteeism, which consists of a certain amount of time during which the insured person is not entitled to certain benefits of the insurance company. So that the patient can begin to use the insurance with absolute normality after the expiration of this period. This period usually varies from 3 months for simple diagnostic tests to 12 months, although it is possible to have access to simple tests and expert advice practically since the policy takes effect.

Another issue to consider is the existence of pre-existing conditions, which take Medicare into account when taking health insurance for the new customer.

What are the health insurances funds?

As the name implies, the precursor services are the pathologies or illnesses that the person presents before the day the health insurance company is hired.

In other words, it is about any pathology, illness or condition of health that the person already knows who suffers and who has therefore been diagnosed medically even before the cessation of the health insurances.

When there is a pre-existence?

Most health insurances companies include the following medical conditions:

That the disease or pathology has been diagnosed by a specialist.
That this disease had already incurred the costs.
That he could not go unnoticed because of his different symptoms or symptoms.We must take into account the last of the points, because we are faced with a very controversial issue.

Health Insurances: What are health insurances for?


Health Insurances: Medicare makes sense if it integrates with public health. Find out what they are for and what hours they can help you. That’s why they serve a lot of Health Insurances

It is true that the growth that has seen private health in recent years has been simply spectacular.

Health Insurances (or Health Insurances) consists of a contract that a particular person (in this case known as a patient or a client) relies on a health insurer, which consists of a certain monthly price for a plan or policy Healthcare pay, in return, that the insurer is liable for all or part of his medical expenses.

In other words, it is a contract between the person and the health insurer through which a medical and health plan is acquired, and the company must reduce medical expenses (either in whole or to cover certain percentages).

So, we can say that Medicare is a contract that would guarantee your health, so that the private health care company is the insurer and you are the customer that offers and covers the properties, benefits (that service) and determined frontier. of insured persons.

Currently, it is possible to opt for different types of health insurance that vary according to needs and monthly, two months, quarterly, semi-annual or yearly price that you can afford.

For example, simple health insurance, which relates to consultations with specialized physicians and diagnostic tests, can be about 25 euros per month, but it all depends at the same time you have when you rent the insurance.

Among other things, your doctor or health insurance may be helpful in the following circumstances:

You don’t have to wait for annoying waiting lists, which are very common in public health.

You can ask for one hour for the desired specialist, which in many cases is much faster
They have almost immediate access to diagnostic tests, including routines such as blood and urinary tests.

The truth is that private health insurance, at least in our country (Spain).

Can be particularly useful if we integrate it with our public health system.

Because it gives us the ability to access without using a full diagram specialists Doctors expect and diagnostic tests in

Health Insurances: The volume of health insurance premiums increases

Health Insurances
Health Insurances


Health Insurances: The report showed that the volume of premiums increased by 3.2% in 2010-2013, reaching 6.658 billion in 2013. It also highlights the growing activity of private hospitals, which in 2012, carried out 28.4% of the surgeries, 22.8% of the alto and responded to 21.2% of emergency situations in Spain.

The Idis report highlights the improvement of access to health, the existence of a network of private centres expanding the health network and offering greater flexibility to the system.

There are currently 455 private hospitals in Spain, more than half of the existing hospital centers (53%), which have a total of 52 360 beds, or one third of all. Catalonia, Madrid and Andalusia have a larger number of hospitals and private beds.

Health Insurances: The private sector works with the public health system through concerts and concessions and with administrative mutualism.

Concerts: These are agreements on the provision of services between regional health services and private centres. Catalonia is the region which, with a total of €2.386 billion, allocates more funds to this cooperation, 25% of community health expenditure.

It follows Madrid going to concerts 834 million, 10.8 per cent of its budget.

Mutually: Nearly 2 million people are affected by the scheme of administrative mutualism in Spain.

The average Muface prize was placed in 785 euros per year in September 2014 by the insured, while public health expenditure per capita is estimated at 1 219 euros, which means an economy of 434 euros per insured for the administration.

One of the highlights of this report is the investment in technology made by private centres. The private healthcare system has 57% of RM, 49% of the animal and 36% of the TAC. Catalonia, the Balearic Islands and Galicia are communities that have a higher percentage of high-tech equipment in private hospitals, with 48%, 40% and 39%, respectively.

On A diagnostic level, private hospitals perform more than 1 million MRI and 873 000 CT tests. Finally, the study notes that in these centres there is a large volume of interventions in complex specialties such as neurosurgery and trauma, among others.


Car Insurance: The seven keys to choose a good car insurance

car insurance
car insurance

Car insurance is part of the annual fixed costs associated with owning a vehicle. This is a mandatory product, although the truth is that mandatory minimum shells are not too much. Driving without car insurance is a cause of sanction, and even if we do not have insurance and we suffer a collision, we hit someone or our builders are on fire, we are avian, right?

Before renting a car insurance policy, it is better to compare the safer, the better. With this first effort, we get two things: be updated on the offers and safety of individual insurance companies, and also to find the insurance that best meets our needs. Then we see the seven keys to choose a good car insurance.

What are the covers I need

It is important to know what we want to assume. Apart from compulsory covers, which are usually mandatory liability insurance, driver insurance, legal adviser and moons, there is a series of options when it comes to the signature of the shells, which cover the total price to increase The insurance. Depending on our needs and the perception of risk, we can sign coverage for flight or fire, travel help, replacement vehicle, withdrawal of license or an entire risk.

If we do not live in an area of conflict and we are not irresponsible at the wheel, then of course there are blankets that we can avoid and therefore less insurances. It is already a decision of all, but it is advisable to study them well.

To third parties or to all risks?

Some say that if a car is new (for the first three years, for example, to buy the car), it is better to rent a full risk, then insurance to third parties. This applies if within the period of the first three years “We take advantage of” insurance at all risks. In a certain sense, we probably have a clause whereby, in the event of a total loss, we recover much of the value of the car. From the third to the fifth year, this value will be significantly lower.

In any case, it must be said that the small draw of the insurance all risks is also sympathetic, and we must look very scrupulously at the exact coverage of the total risk, which can be simply a third “with steroids. “In most cases, third party insurance is more than enough and also substantially cheaper.

Franchising or franchising?

Full-Risk insurance with deductible is cheaper than one without deductible, only in case of repair we pay in part or all. That compensates (and so it looks pretty bad) when we suffer a total sacrifice and get a nice high value from the car. Obviously, no one wants to have a strange, so in many cases we return to the first: better a third and caution when driving to pay more money for a possible accident that no one wants.

The driver profile

If we are young riders, under 25 years old, we have a bonus when we pay the prizes, simply because of the accident of the pilots of this old band. That said, the stats here don’t make them pay for sinners, but insurance companies are interested in stats. Once solvency II has effect, these statistical limitations may be more harmless to the driver.

The annual mileage

If we’re only doing a few miles a year, we’ll have more votes to get a low prize than someone who makes a lot of miles a year. Once again, statistics and probabilities come into play and say: A number greater than miles a year, the more likely there is a mishap. This is very unfair depending on the driver, since it can be said that the greatest number of miles a year, the greater preparation of the driver and that the few kilometers are more likely to cause an accident. In fact, only the probability serves here and it’s a shame.

With substitute vehicle or not

You rely on the car to drive to work? Are you a Pro Flyer? You may need a replacement vehicle, or just make up for it to pay extra to avoid the unavailability of your car. That said, there are people who don’t have a car in a day, they can pay very expensive, more expensive than the extra cover of the replacement car. You have to imagine one thing, if the supplement is worth it with a single glitch that can leave you lying 24 hours, then you compensate. If you can live without him, don’t put that blanket.

Driving the public road?

Sometimes it’s good to have fun… well covered
Are you a “do a little Strube” lover with your SUV? Look at your insurance property to see if it covers these trips from Sunday Camps (I don’t like calling them domingues), and if it’s not really for both and I don’t think the car around put your insurance on. Yes, you should know that if you go without cover and put your car in a hole in the middle of nowhere, it cost a high.

Health insurance has an ever-increasing private health care

Health insurances
Health insurances

Health insurances have an ever-increasing private health care: Private health is developing in Spain, which is not only beneficial for Health insurances.

The difficulties of the National Health System (SNS) in curbing the growth of health spending in recent years, due to factors such as the progressive ageing of the population, the increasing prevalence and complexity of diseases chronic diseases and The cost of new media makes private health a strategic ally of the public system.

It is seen in the Institute for Health Development and Integration (IDIS), which recently released the report “Private health, values to provide”, which contribute to the private health ability to maintain a health system defenses convenient, Durable and qualitative for all.

According to this study, private health spending in Spain increased by 4.6 percent from 2010. Above all, it rose from 25.875 EUR to 27,064,000,000. In the Spanish health care system, private health already accounts for 28.3% of total health expenditure. This proportion is one of the highest in Europe and is above other countries in our environment, such as Germany (23.29%) or the UK (16.03.3%). If the amount of business expenditure is added to this figure, the total expenditure of the sector amounts to 34.7 billion, 3.38% of GDP.

More insurance and more savings

According to this report, the private health system already has 7.3 million people insured, which contributes significantly to the savings made in the public system. In this regard, it is estimated that the savings generated in 2014 by health insurance would be between 4.079 billion euros if the citizen has made a mixed use of health, consumption of public and private resources, and 8 862 billion euros if the patient uses only the system Private.

This is data to be considered, especially since in recent years the share of global health expenditure in GDP has progressed through factors such as reducing health spending and saving and reducing drug purchases. In health care compensation.

What is more?

is an industry that creates jobs and has created 6 000 new jobs in the 2014, a figure that means a 3% increase per annum. Of the 236 567 professionals employed in all activities in the sector, 65% working in the supplementary hospital sector and the remaining 35% in the hospital area of Madrid, Catalonia and Andalusia, the municipalities with most health professionals.

Insurance Companies: What do insurance companies offer?

Insurances companies
Insurances companies

Insurance companies (including initial calls) offer different types of insurance coverage; They can liquidate their claims and ensure the risks taken by other general insurance companies (except for credit risk).

Admission: Insurance and reinsurance business requires approval of CMF for development of this activity.

Minimum Capital: Insurance companies and VWs need a minimum capital to act. For General insurance, 90 000 is UF.

Risks that coincide: loss or deterioration of things or assets, and credit risks.

Insurance Companies:

Credit risk is an exclusive rotation.

Role in the insurance market

  • Insurance offers.
  • Comparison of complaints.
  • Reinsurance.
  • Climbing
  • Features

Some obligations of the general insurance companies:

  • Consider the responsible risk they take.

  • ssuance of insurance policies and delivery to insured persons in individual insurance.
  • Respond to presentations, complaints, and complaints. In the event of any damage, the insured person informs the respondent of his/her resolution through the cover and gives the correct compensation to his/her beneficiaries.
  • Climbing

Relation to CMF

Registration: General Insurers must be registered in CMF.

Monitoring and control: this commission may, among other things, require the company to report its activities, evaluate its offices, review documentation, books

Reports: Insurance and reinsurance, including periodic, are obliged to submit the financial statements (FECU) to the Commission and other technical, financial and Business reports.

Penalties: If a company violates the law or regulations, CMF may impose sanctions against mistrust, punishment, suspend administration for up to six months, suspend all or some of the operations for up to six months and revoke empowerment Existence.

Home Insurance Multirisk

Home Insurances
Home Insurances

Home Insurance Multirisk

Home Insurance: is insurance, in which the owner or owner of a home (or in other varieties, of commercial premises) seeks to cover the risks he suffers, damages of various kinds:

derivatives of electric shorts, rupture of tubes, Various faults, domestic accidents, caused by temporary, theft, etc.

Home Insurance in this area often offers packages that include other insurance policies that are more or less directly related to household or family life, such as civil liability insurance, travel insurance, assistance. Legal insurance, etc.

The multi-risk insurance of the respective dwelling with a different community insurance, which covers similar risks, but usually coexists in the condominium as regards the common elements of the building.

In Spain, home insurance is not mandatory, contrary to what happens for car insurance.

One of the most important aspects to keep in mind if you want to make sure that a home is the concept of underinsurance.

The underinsurance occurs when the value of the insured capital is lower than the value of the insured object’s revision.

We see it better with an example:

Consider a house with an insured salary of 30,000 euros. If there is a robbery and the value of the kidnapping is 5000 euros.

What is health insurance?


Health insurance: can be taken to cover the death of the beneficiary or to gain the profitability of the money.
There are two types of life insurance: life savings and risky

Health insurance is the provider of disability and death protection of more than 30 million Spaniards. One third of them are hired individually, the remainder is the group insurance, which is taken up by their company or for several members of the same family core.

When assuming life insurance, as well as withdrawing another insurance, it is important to have clear questions, such as life insurance is, what types there are, what they cover, which hires you, and where.

 health insurance

The policy of life is part of the human insurance and consists in paying a pre-mandate to receive an amount in case of death or nonsense that complements the lack of income of the insured.

The amount of the premium on which the insured is based depends on the risk and the amount of money he or she wishes to receive in the event of a disability or that its beneficiaries perceive in the event of death.

Health Insurance Modalities

There are two main ways of life insurance that cover in the event of death and those who do it in life. In addition, the Union of the two is joint insurance.

Death insurance, also known as life insurance.
Health insurance, called Savings life Insurance.
In addition, it is possible to take investment risks by varying the amount to obtain fluctuations in the financial markets or by not taking risks and benefiting from a fixed profitability.

What brand of travel insurance should I hire? About companies, promos and discounts…

Travel Insurances01
Travel Insurances01

Travel Insurances: As we continue to start, our travel insurance situation has varied depending on the time and destination. There are hundreds of companies that offer help to the traveler, so we know how hard it is to decide, but here we recommend three options, each with its pros and cons.

Latin aid

We had for two years of travel and had to use it in Japan, Italy and Armenia.

Best of all, it’s the cheapest company, so if you’re on a budget backpacker, maybe that’s what you’re looking for. The insurance “Sport ” is ideal if you plan to surf, dive or things that are considered “adventurous “.

Worst thing: If you are not in a big city, you need to cover your doctor’s costs and then they send you money to Western Union.

How to get the best price: Latino help is the “Secure your trip ” insurer, if rapids-C’est always the lowest price they offer. On its website (aseguratuviaje.com) you can cite from your destination and the duration of the trip and you will see all the options of the different companies; Would come to do as the insurance Skyscanner. Remember to look at the actions that appear on the right side of the quote, because often there are good discounts.

Med Help

This was the first insurance we took when we started our trip to New Zealand in 2009. We had to use it in India.

Best of all, the coverage limits tend to be quite high considering the price.

Worst of all: if not in promos, usually the price difference is not justified. Read the fine print to see everything you’ve recorded, and a little more frugal than another before you decide.

How to get the best price: in aseguratuviaje.com usually take promos. Look at the posters on the right side of the quotation to see which ones are now in effect.

Insurance Iati

We still didn’t use it for the reason we detailed it below, but we decided to put it on the list providing all the good reviews we received from other travelers.

Best of all, you are a great value for money. Although it is slightly more expensive than the previous ones, the services that give you back are also bigger and you will never pay for the medical advice of the bag on how to spend with other companies. It’s also great that they’ve added the “Backpacker ” and “great travelers ” option, which may be what you’re looking for when you highlight the Polo to find information to prepare for your long trip.

Worst thing: If your trip doesn’t end or starts in Spain, there are different types of insurance that you can only rent if your trip takes up to 120 days. If not, the basic, Standard, star, Premium, and family options have no restrictions.

How to get the best price: on the website of Iati Seguros (iatiseguros.com), all the detailed options and promotions are in effect. You also have a 5% discount on all travel insurance companies via this link.

Travel Insurance: Myths and truths

Travel Insurance Myths and truths
Travel Insurance Myths and truths

Is travel insurance necessary?

We advise you to read our new ad, where it will tell you what you need to know before renting travel insurance.
If you start planning a trip, you are sure to have hundreds of questions on your mind. How do I start to program the Itinarario? What if they don’t understand me when I talk to them? How many clothes do I take? Will it be safe? What month of the year should I go? Will a cannibal crest attack me? Are you going to remount my organs? And much, much more.

Something that is safe around your mind… do I have to rent travel insurance, those who are so expensive and who use a lot of my budget? Let’s go for the parties…

What is Travel insurance?

You can get the attention you start here, but there are a lot of people who confuse travel insurance with a kind of “social work ” travelers. It’s not. Travel insurance, also known as a tour guide, is a service that covers emergencies that may occur during the trip.

What will you cover?

According to the plan, basically the things that will cover the insurance are:

  • Medical assistance in case of accident or illness.
  • Prescribe medications due to these emergencies.
    “Emergency assistance.
  • Psychological help (ie, you are in another country, have flown, go into shock and do not know how to follow… you need).
    Serial repatriation or funeral.
  • Financial compensation for loss or theft of baggage.

What’s not going to cover for you?

When we say that we must not confuse the assistance of the traveller with social work, it is an emergency service. If you are on a long trip and want to get the general check, it will not cover you. Not if you want to see the dentist.

If you think that extreme sports or go to countries that think high-risk makes sense (and tell you what, but usually are the usual), chances are you are not insured unless you consult when booking your insurance and pay a surcharge.

Now the key question: Do you have to rent it?

The decision to travel with travel insurance is in every person aware of the risks and Aceptándolos. Depends on the purpose and how much money you put in in Asia, for example, medical care is quite affordable, but if you have something more serious and you need to visit a private clinic because you have got a public hospital ride for three months, you are paying Very expensive and you will remember when planning your trip.

Within five and a half years of travel, nothing terribly serious happened to us. Different waves of travel and some hives on the skin. The worst is when Dani has something in his eyes to visit the Philippines and could not see for nearly two weeks. We just don’t have insurance (always the same, we had the certainty of most of the trip, and Juuusto will happen if they don’t have it). To give you an idea of the cost, two nights of hospitalization at the public hospital, as well as medications and medical care, cost $53. (The story of the wounded eye on the rice terraces is worth an eye of the face)

If we need to give you an opinion, yes, you may want to hire a travel insurance. Along the way we met several cases where they were caught in dengue or malaria and had to be under medical care for several days.

Car insurance: What to do if I have stolen the car

Car Insurance
Car Insurance

Car insurance: The first thing you have to do is report the facts to the police, and then contact your car insurance and send a copy of the complaint made to open part.

In Spain, there is a theft of the car every three and a half minutes, which means an average of 425 vehicles a day, or what is the same, a total of about 155 000 cars stolen per year in our country. These figures are gathered in a study of the detective company, according to which Spain is the third European country in which more car thefts occur, only behind Italy and the United Kingdom, with nearly 20% of car thefts of The whole of Europe.

The provinces where the cars were stolen the most in the year 2017 were Madrid (34%), Barcelona, Seville (8%) and Malaga (7%). As regards the place where these crimes are committed, 90% of the abductions are carried out in public parking spaces, on the street itself and 7% by the refuelling and parking of the vehicle to take daily precautions. 3% of the flights were carried out by the use of violence or intimidation. Also the middle class cars, as in 2016, are still the most stolen in Spain. According to the models the rank of seat León (19 per cent), seat Ibiza (15 per cent) and Volkswagen Golf (7 per cent) is quoted. It is also interesting to note that old family models and pick-ups are stolen to perform lunar landings and then leave them.

Summer and vacation areas seem to be places where more vehicle thefts are likely to occur, but it can happen to the most unusual and perhaps busiest place. So, if this happens to you when you apply for insurance compensation, you will need to follow a series of steps that you remember from Arval. The first thing you need to do is to process a complaint before you contact the central alarm receiver, which initiates a protocol to locate the car. If you do not have a locator, go to the nearest police station to report the situation to the police, contact your insurer and send a copy of the complaint to the Open party.

So ask about the coverage of the insurance policy.

If the car was not found after 30 calendar days, it is declared as “official” has disappeared and procedures can be initiated to obtain the appropriate compensation.

After this period, with proof of payment of the last municipal traffic tax, proof of the temporary depth of the car, the report of the owners who had the car, original complaint, owner ID and key goes to the insurance offices . For all the documents, the experts will make an assessment to proceed with the compensation.

Remember that if you disagree with the amount set, you can ask to go to the defender of the insured, a free service from the Directorate General Insurance and pension funds, to make the complaint expose. Finally, when you return the car, you must return to the police station to submit a counter claim, submit it to the insurer and close the file.

Tips to get your car not stolen

Out of course, we detail ten tips to try to avoid having to steal the car:

-Park in supervised places.

-Always close the car and keep the keys.

-Do not let the “real” papers in the car, and it is that it is legal to circulate with copies of all documents as long as they are properly collected by a notary or by an official body such as traffic.

-Always travel with closed doors.

-Ignore “People who tell us “: A very typical trick to call them with a “you have a flat wheel” so that while we distract the look of someone is helpless.

-Pay attention to our environment when we load and unload our vehicle in the parking spaces, supermarkets, shopping malls…

-Do not leave anything in sight.

-Mount the anti-theft screws on the wheels.

-Write the moons of the car.

-Install a GPS locator.

Auto insurance coverage What are the options?

auto insurance options

Auto insurance before we begin, we need to answer a first question, what is the car insurance cover? Well, a car insurance cover is the limit or the specific extent of your car insurance, that is, anything that can cover the car insurance in relation to a particular type of accident or victim. There is a very limited or basic coverage, and wider to protect the driver and vehicle better. The truth is that legally in the United States requires at least a basic coverage against damage to third parties.

Most recurring car insurance cover

Once this has been clarified, we will describe some of the recurring types of car insurance coverage that you pay special attention to!

Liability insurance.

This is the legally required minimum coverage, which is intended to cover the damage to third parties due to accidents caused by a driver. This type of insurance generally takes into account the coverage of third parties for property and personal injury. It has a limited character and does not cover the damage of your own car a factor to consider!

Shock protection.

This is an additional cover at the base and allows you to cover your own vehicle against shocks or car collisions.

Extended or risky coverage.

This type of coverage, also known as material damage coverage not caused by car accidents or “complete ” by its English name, can help you to cover the damage your vehicle produces in other events. than a car collision. The general terms and conditions vary depending on the company and the chosen package, but they can cover situations such as fire, vandalism, natural disasters, objects, among other things.

Protection from insecure drivers.

This type of protection could protect you and your vehicle in situations of collision or confrontation against insecure drivers or against those who escape the accident without taking responsibility for their actions.

Coverage of roadside Assistance this cover protects you against situations of technical failures, different vehicle failures or similar emergencies.

Cover for shared tour drivers.

Yes, there is also this type of cover for drivers who offer common travel services. If you work in companies like Uber or similar, this cover might be of interest to you.

6 Tips before hiring private health insurance

health insurance

In the United States, more than a necessity, it is an obligation to rent medical or health insurance, both personal and family.

Those who do not do so run the risk of obtaining a penalty or taking on enormous expenses in the face of medical contingencies.

If you need a private health or medical insurance, it is important that you pay attention to these recommendations before Study other alternatives. Before you continue your search for a good private health insurance for you and your needs, find out about the alternatives that the state offers, perhaps you can be fit and in time to access one of them. If you need more information, you can enter here Analyze it seriously. Take the time to get informed and discover the various offers and alternatives the market offers before you make a decision. The expenses to be covered and the cover obtained for these costs must be carefully evaluated.

The boundaries of the cover.

As with any other type of insurance, private health coverage also has its limits. Before you make the contract, make sure that you have all the details about the coverage of hospital stays, exams, diagnoses and others.

Medical staff.

Private health insurance companies have an exhaustive list of professionals and medical devices that they need to contact. In many cases, the customer is given the opportunity to choose the doctor of his choice, so it would be good to have a specific profile of the type of professional, and to check the occupational profile of the doctors who are available to us.

Dental insurance.

You should bear in mind that many companies do not take oral health into account in their health insurance offers. This is usually a separate product or cover. If you would like to take out health insurance and need a dental insurance cover, consult your insurance advisor in advance and carefully analyze the insurance package that belongs to you for convenience.

Specify the best prices.

Nothing better than to study what offers the best offer of prices and coverage from the market. Without fear, quote! and compare prices and health insurance offers. If you want to receive more information about it for free! Enter now to get this information to work! And if you have any further questions about how to get a health insurance, please contact insurance experts of the motorway insurance. Enter here: health insurance or leave a comment below.

What natural disasters affect business?

Natural disasters

Prevention instead of complaining. This is the position that all entrepreneurs should have in order to avoid future problems, especially with nature. Preparing for possible natural disasters such as storms and hurricanes is one of the best measures you can take and your business will not be affected.

Potential natural disasters

To determine that natural disasters in the region are more frequent and the risk that can mean for the company. Make an emergency plan for the extreme problems and how you would affect the business.

Further information on various phenomena can be found in the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the American Red Cross.

Contingency plan

The development of this plan could mean the security of the company and its employees. The paper will answer the following questions: How easy is it to get out of the office in a safe place? Who will evacuate the customers? Are the security zones marked? How will you communicate with the employees?


After a natural disaster, the offices usually end up destroyed and the documents of the company go completely lost. Therefore, it is necessary to have several files that contain all the information of the company.

Continuing the activities of the company

After the natural catastrophe has been overcome, the work of the society must continue. So, do you develop a business continuity plan, what steps will the company take to recover? How will it be sold again? How do I get back to work with employees and suppliers?

Brief information on natural disasters

Natural disasters can be considered at any time in life, having some who frequent more in the year such as hurricanes, these appear or rather, have a season in the year, which usually appear from June to November, so we should prevent These natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes that are the most dangerous, there are many companies that are dedicated to the insurance service for these purposes.

Also See:  Auto Insurance coverage, what are the options

Open a business: what you need to do to succeed


Open a business can result in many difficult cases, especially if you have no experience in the field. Follow these tips and you will achieve the fastest success:

Creating a Brand

Before you open a company, you must create a clearly defined brand. You must have a logo, a slogan and colors that represent the company. Thus, red and yellow are suitable for a restaurant logo.

Have a website

Having a Web site is critical to the success of a business because it will contain useful information about the company. You must have your address, phone, mobile phone, products and your benefits, local and other information that you consider necessary.

Social networks

Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Pinter and others will generate more direct contact with potential customers. You can manage social media accounts in an entertaining and efficient way. Even the foodtruck uses it to achieve more sales, but knows this story.

Contact Network

Companies are more successful if they have good contacts. Knowledge of the data of potential companies and customers could be useful at any time. Especially if you want to specify a sale or make inventory about the services or products.

Contact the local press

Search a little and discover the phones, emails and addresses of local media such as newspapers, magazines, television and websites. Say when you open a business and make all the data available.

Win, win and more pleasure

The success after the opening of a company will depend on the willingness to put the company. The first few months for each company are very difficult, but with perseverance and great success.